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Our Sectors

  • FMCG

  • Electrical & Electronic

  • Construction

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive & Transport

  • Manufacturing

  • Chemical & Petrochemical

  • Defence

  • Marine Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Food & Beverage

  • Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

  • Precision Engineering

Working with products used in our everyday lives, engineers in the competitive fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry must be innovative to deliver high-turnover products that motivate, execute and encourage customers to buy and use. The key for FMCG Engineers is to interpret the goals of a business into products and adapt quickly in line with market shifts.

Electrical & Electronic Engineers are primarily focused on the design and manufacture of systems for buildings, transport and construction. Involved from the initial design stage all of the way through to the implementation of an electrical system, professionals in this field typically work in project teams and will collaborate with colleagues in other branches of engineering.

An integral element of a construction project, Construction Engineers are involved in the design, planning, construction and management of infrastructures including roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and railways. Professionals in this field are responsible for the planning and direction of projects, from the initial design all of the way through to monitoring activities to make sure all plans are on-track. ​

Operating in a technically complex industry, Aerospace Engineers work on innovative products and solutions that push the limits of technology. Typically responsible for the overall design and structure of an air transport vehicle, professionals in this field will design components and systems, analyse structures, fluids and electrical systems, before manufacturing the technology and testing it.

Responsible for the construction of roads and public transport, Automotive & Transport Engineers design, produce and operate vehicles including cars, trucks and buses from the early design stages through to production and quality. Additionally, these highly sought-after professionals are at the forefront of developments including electric vehicles, driver assistance systems and connected cars.

Manufacturing Engineers work in areas in areas including design, production, supply chain and logistics for an array of industries such as oil, food and drink and pharmaceuticals. Requiring a high level of technical expertise, roles in Manufacturing Engineering need analytical thinkers who are able to add value to raw materials by transforming them into products.

Chemical & Petrochemical Engineers work on the development of machines and plants, which lead to chemical reactions that create thousands of industrial and consumer products including plastics, detergents and preservatives. Professionals in this field can work within a range of industries, with their skills particularly in-demand in pharmaceutical, energy and water treatment.

Focused on national security and the stability of governments, Defence Engineering sees the design and production of military equipment, vehicles and systems. Professionals in this field apply robust science, maths and IT skills to develop cutting-edge technology with the goal of maintaining the security and wellbeing of nations across the world.

Marine Engineers are responsible for designing, building and manufacturing any vessel that travels in and on water, including ships, boats, and submarines all of the way through to dinghies. Additionally, these professionals can be involved in carrying out the same work for oil rigs and drilling equipment.

Operating in a range of industries including manufacturing, construction and transport, Mechanical Engineers are responsible for creating solutions and solving problems. With a solid understanding of mechanics and thermodynamics, these professionals work at all stages of a product, from research and development through to installation and final commissioning.

Possessing a detailed knowledge of nutrition and technical engineering, Food & Beverage Engineers develop food and drink processes and products of the best quality for the public. To do this, professionals in this field continuously monitor, test and refine production processes to achieve the right results for both the producer and, most importantly, the consumer.

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Engineers are responsible for devising new methods, technologies and products that positively impact lives through improving health and fighting diseases. Professionals in this field work across a broad medical landscape, requiring them to get involved with hands-on mechanical engineering all of the way through to compliance and quality.

A subdiscipline of electrical, software, electronics mechanical, mechanical, and optical, precision engineering is primarily involved in high technology, value-added activities for products and services used in demanding environments. Professionals in this field typically design aerospace, consumer, energy, machine and space applications with huge operating pressures.

About Lean Engineering Recruitment

Lean Engineering Recruitment aim to become the UK’s leading technical and engineering recruitment specialists for the Manufacturing and Engineering Industries. We specialise in technical recruitment for engineering and manufacturing industries, from graduate to board level and everything in between. If you’re looking for your next engineering position or the next member of your team we’re committed to helping you achieve your goal.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity. The key to successful campaign management is to work with job seekers to find them their ideal position based on skills, technical ability and team fit, whilst also creating long lasting partnerships with our clients. Lean Engineering Recruitment has therefore been designed with our clients and job seekers in mind to reduce costs to our clients whilst improving our performance. We value and encourage constructive feedback so we can continuously improve and evolve our services.

Why Choose Us?

We are a bespoke company which makes us personal and able to deal more effectively with individual requirements as we have the expertise. All of our recruitment consultants are technically trained in their fields and understand the positions and challenges of the industry meaning we can offer you the best possible advice regarding potential roles. All of our recruitment consultants have also been trained and qualified in recognised recruitment qualifications ensuring that we offer the highest standards of service.

Team LER continuously invest in state of the art technology in order to attract the best talent. We advertise across a wide range of industry related job boards in addition to a very active presence on social media and our own extensive in house database. With access to over 16 million CV’s we are confident that we can locate the right person for you.

What Our Clients Say...

  • “LER are a new addition to our PSL and have worked on a number of vacancies for us with success, including some hard to fill roles in remote locations. They continue to impress us with great quality candidates, detailed knowledge of the industry and the roles they recruit for, as well as a superior level of professionalism and service.  We look forward to a forging a solid recruitment partnership with LER as we continue to rely on the services they provide us.  I would highly recommend their services.”

  • “I have recently worked with LER for the first time and have been more than pleased with the service provided.  We had a very difficult role to fill, yet a candidate from LER has successfully been placed within one month of issuing the brief.  Nigel and the Team were very quick to provide support throughout the process and provide information very promptly once requested.  I would definitely work with LER again in the future, and would recommend the Company without hesitation.”

  • "I am happy to recommend the recruitment service offered by LEAN Engineering Recruitment. I have used the firm's services for a number of vacancies and have always found them to be extremely attentive and efficient. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable at all times, and I would have no hesitation in using the service again".

  • HR Business Partner – British Gypsum
  • Group HR Advisor - Bromford Industries
  • HR Manager – Stelrad

Our Team

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